Macademy is the web presence of Richard Guthrie, a professional musician with the Ulster Orchestra. Back in 2000 the orchestra was looking at setting up a website, and he naïvely thought “How hard can that be?”. He ended up running the website for the orchestra for eight years, all the while learning the coding and design skills necessary in a constantly-changing online world.

While musical connections have meant that the majority of his clients have been in that industry, other clients over the years have included a TV production company, a firm of solicitors and an archeological project in Devon.

Now creating websites using WordPress, Richard nevertheless draws on his experience in hand-coding to create a custom solution for each client.

His computer literacy has led him into IT support, and his woodworking skills have seen him branch out into musical instrument repair and manufacture!

Some of our work


Multi-language / Music
Great War Gaeilgeoirí
QGIS / Wordpress
Martin McClean
Music / Wordpress
Meadowsweet Bungalow
Renovation of Mustel celeste
The Belfast Shipyard
Paypal integration / Wordpress